There were logistical challenges, but Sunday 20th September saw a return of road-racing at Hampton Downs, albeit under a raft of extraordinary protocols to adhere to the regulations required by both MNZ and Hampton Downs; for racing to occur under a Level 2 lockdown for Covid-19.

These protocols included restricted entry. Besides the officials and marshals, entry was restricted to the rider with a single support person. These names had to be pre-advised, and were checked at the gate. If you were not on the list, you could not get in.

There were no entries-on-the-day permitted.

The pit area was split into two separate parts – with competitors allocated a specific pit area to allow social distancing, and to prevent a gathering exceeding 100 people.

There were no food outlets allowed to be open; and no spectators allowed – although the creative race fans did show up to watch the racing from outside the circuit, along the fence-line next to the kart track.

And good on them; as they got to see an enjoyable days racing. If somewhat punctuated by red flags. Maybe it was “first-day” excitement; or perhaps just one-of-those-days that happen sometimes?

The day had started out wet, and all practice/qualifying sessions were held on a well-damp track.

But as the day progressed, conditions kept getting better, to the point where Daniel Mettam was throwing his superbike around like a 600, in the 1:04 second bracket.

Mettam dominated Formula Auckland, which made a successful return to the AMCC program under Level-2 lockdown. Jaden Hassan made for a perfect sparring partner, and the two former NZSBK champions put on a great show; as the cream of the Senior category.

Across all classes there were a range of familiar and new faces. And this reflected in the results.

The revised category structure for AMCC this season has seen a new combination of classes across Senior, Intermediate and Junior – and this mix is proving very successful.

This was most apparent in the Senior category, where Dave Sharp had invested quite some effort in encouraging a number of Track-Day riders to extend their track riding experience by coming and having a crack at road-racing. It’s safe to say these riders had the largest smiles on their faces at the end of the day.

Despite some short stoppages for the red flags, four rounds of racing were delivered, meaning anyone who was running two classes – and this was a number of competitors – was looking at well in excess of 60 laps on track, across the day.

Round Two of the AMCC Club Series is coming up at Hampton Downs on Sunday 18th October, with this event also doubling as the first Round of the inter-club challenge between the Auckland and Hamilton Motorcycle Clubs’. Under Level-1, AMCC looks forward to welcoming spectators back.

2020-2021 AMCC Club Series Points:      (After ROUND ONE of Three)


Points – Senior: FORMULA AUCKLAND                           (Pirelli)

75           Daniel Mettam

65           David Sharp
61           Matt Drayson


Points – Senior: SUPERSPORT 600                                   (Pirelli)

100         Tarbon Walker
80            Jacob Stroud
61           Luca Durning

Points – Intermediate: SUPERLITE                                    (Castrol)

77           Fabiano Paiva Santos
75           Aaron Dempsey
56           Sean White


Points – Intermediate: PRO TWIN 650                            (Castrol)

90           Jarad Horn
74           Jacob Stroud

65           Tyler Brown

Points – Intermediate: 125ccGP                                       (Castrol)
70           Chris Malcolm
45           Blayes Heaven

Points – Junior: SUPERSPORT 300                                    (Metzeler / Muc-Off)

85           Jesse Stroud
66           Luca Durning
59           Alistair Wilton


Points – Junior: 250 PRO LITE                                            (Metzeler / Muc-Off)

85           Ben Cook
75           Cameron Leslie
61           Scott Findlay


Points – Junior: F4, F5, GIXXER 150                                 (Metzeler / Muc-Off)
50           Paul Ellis

Points – PRE 82 SENIOR                                                      (Motomail NZ)

95           Russell Barker

85           Phil Clarke


Points – PRE 82 JUNIOR                                                      (Motomail NZ)

100         Guy Webster
40           Phil Oades
36           Graeme Ogle

Points – PRE 89 Senior                                                        (Motomail NZ)

100         Rick Van Velzen

Points – PRE 89 Intermediate                                            (Motomail NZ)

100         Bryan Ashdown


Points – PRE 89 Junior                                                        (Motomail NZ)
90           Kerry Chapman

90           Rory Garvey

Points – PRE 95 F3                                                               (Motomail NZ)

75           Matt Barrie

Points – SIDECARS                                                                (Road Guide / Arai / Michelin)

95           Mark Halls / Geoff Davies
81           David McArthur / Doug Cornes

55           Nick Ploeg / Wendy Ploeg

Points – CLUBMAN SENIOR                                                (Counties Honda)

100         Lars Bojesen-Moller
72           Brett Hewitt
60           Gershwern Scott


Points – CLUBMAN JUNIOR                                                (Counties Honda)

100         Christopher Nobbs

Points – NINJA CUP:                            (Carl Cox Motorsport)                         After Round One of Five

228         Jesse Stroud
202         Chris Smith

174         Sean White


Points – HYOSUNG CUP:                    (Carl Cox Motorsport)                         After Round One of Five

218         Ben Cook

210         Cameron Leslie

170         Tarbon Walker


The 2020-2021 Series is organised and promoted by the Auckland Motorcycle Club – who acknowledge all our valuable partners:-

Carl Cox Motorsport, Castrol, Counties Honda, Forbes & Davies, Levels Ltd, Motomail, and MTF Finance – along with MX Timing and CTAS Live.


Calendar – 2020-2021 AMCC Club Series:
All Rounds on the Hampton Downs National Circuit

Rd 1       20th September, 2020  

Rd 2       18th October, 2020

Rd 3       29th November, 2020

AMCC and HMCC Interclub Challenge:

Rd 1       AMCC Rd 2          18 October, 2020              Hampton Downs
Rd 2       HMCC Rd 2          8 November, 2020           Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park, Taupo


(34) Daniel Mettam, and (41) Jaden Hassan were the dominant players in Formula Auckland.
Credit: Philip Kavermann