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Rider memberships require the individual to be a member of an affiliated club. The applicable licence application fee constitutes membership dues. Benefits include:

  • Access to discounts through the Member Benefits programme (see below)
  • Regular communication about what’s happening in the sport
  • Voting rights at the MNZ AGM
  • An annual competition licence at the level of their choice

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Associate memberships suit persons who want to become a member of MNZ but don’t want to race.  They require the individual to be a member of an affiliated club and the applicable licence application fee constitutes membership dues. Benefits include:

  • Access to discounts through the Member Benefits programme (see below)
  • Regular communication about what’s happening in the sport
  • Voting rights at the MNZ AGM
  • Two One Event Licence’s that can be used at MNZ permitted club events during the licencing year.

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Clubs must be affiliated as per clause 4.3 of the MNZ Constitution. Benefits include:

  • Access to discounts through the Member Benefits programme (see below)
  • Regular communication about what’s happening in the sport
  • Voting rights at the MNZ AGM
  • Promotion of events through MNZ website and social media channels
  • Opportunity to apply to host championship events

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Corporate memberships are available to business entities only and do not require affiliated club membership. Benefits include:

  • Access to discounts through the Member Benefits programme (see below)
  • Access to tickets for key championship events, including two hospitality passes to the NZSBK and NZMX Championships each year
  • Regular communication about what’s happening in the sport
  • Promotion through Member Benefits programme with exclusive offer

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Member Benefits

The following offers and discounts are available exclusively to all MNZ members, regardless of membership type. To list an offer or other benefit, please contact [email protected].

Our preferred insurance partner, Aon, is pleased to offer MNZ members an easy way to get a quote on your motorcycle and other personal insurances.

Aon Prestige is the specialist motor vehicle insurance division that provides solutions for all motorcycles, as well as vintage, classic and high-value vehicles. Aon only works with New Zealand’s most trusted insurers to ensure you’re covered when it matters most.

The Aon Prestige Motorcycle policy gives you market leading cover for all types of motorcycles including:

  • Three wheelers
  • Off-road motorcycles, including quad bikes
  • Competition motorcycles – although you’re not covered whilst racing
  • Motorcycle collections
  • Classic or vintage motorcycles


Aon also provides an extensive range of personal insurance solutions through its Stylecover division to help keep you, your family and your belongings covered.

Stylecover can provide insurance quotes on the following range of personal insurance covers:

  • House
  • Contents
  • Motor vehicle
  • Boat
  • Injury and illness
  • Landlord’s protection
  • Life insurance
  • Leisure travel

GET A PERSONAL INSURANCE QUOTE today or contact the team directly on 0800 50 51 52  and mention you’re an MNZ member.

Do you need insurance for your business or farm, or something that’s not listed above? Contact an Aon Insurance Broker today for your obligation free review and quote.  │  0800 266 276

Receive up to 10 cents off per litre on petrol and diesel with a GOfuel Fuel Card.

All MNZ members who sign up for a GOfuel Fuel Card from Petroleum Logistics will have access to serious fuel discounts at Mobil, BP and Z service stations, fuel outlets and marine sites. Choose your card based on your preferred service station:

  • Mobil GOfuel Fuel Card – 10c per litre off the pump price
  • BP GOfuel Fuel Card – 9c per litre off the national price
  • Z GOfuel Fuel Card – 7c per litre off the pump price

Discounts apply to petrol and diesel and can be used for all your vehicles and machines. Z cards offer FlyBuys or Airpoints. All cards can be used at any Petroleum Logistics Marine sites. More information on the flyer here.

NO card fees. NO annual fees. NO transaction fees.

I want one! How do I get one?

  1. Complete the online application form here.
  2. Select the account type you want to open (personal or business).
  3. Type in MNZ and your License / Officials Number (eg MNZ1234) in the ‘Promo Code’ field, then complete your personal details on the online form.
  4. Your new card will be mailed to you with instructions for use.

How does it work?
The cards work like a debit/credit card, it has a secure PIN access. You can set spending limits and purchase options for each card. You’ll receive a monthly invoice/statement, which will will be direct debited from the account of your choice. Multiple cards can be linked to one account for you, your family and your business, and you can apply for fuel cards for all three outlets if you wish. Full terms and conditions here.

I’m interested but I have a few questions?
Visit the Fuel Card FAQ page on the GOfuel website, read the FAQ document, or call Petroleum Logistics direct on 0800 42 83 83.


  • All bookings are fully flexible; there are NO penalties for altering sail dates and times. This means you can book in advance and take advantage of early booking rates.
  • Payment is not required until check in and payment is made directly to Interislander.
  • Dedicated booking web page makes booking your trip or getting a quote even easier. Occasional promotions will be offered on this site.
  • MNZ members have a dedicated independent booking agent, Tony Hirst, who works for International Motor Sport. Tony is happy to receive bookings via email and is also the contact you deal with when you book online.

How do I take advantage of this deal?
When you need to travel across the Cook Strait, visit and click on BOOK NOW or CONTACT.

Fill in the booking form and make sure you note your MNZ License number/Official’s Warrant number along with the event name in the ‘WHAT MOTOR SPORT EVENT ARE YOU AND YOUR TEAM COMPETING IN’ field to ensure you receive the MNZ discount.

Or simply email or call Tony directly:
Tel. +64 21 726 711
Email. [email protected]

Make sure you tell Tony you’re an MNZ member and include your MNZ License number/Official’s Warrant number, so he knows to give you the correct discount

Happy sailing!


To promote the advancement of athlete performance and well-being in New Zealand, MNZ has negotiated a further $10 AUD discount for all members – use the discount code “MNZ19” during purchase to receive this discount.

This 63 page eBook provides you with the fundamental tools of sport psychology, adapted for motorcycle road racing.

Mastering any skill, is a long tedious process. 10,000 hours of dedicated practice has been found to be the norm for elite level performers – be it in sport, the arts, or a profession. Since most motorcycle racers don’t have the funds or available track time to do that many hours, being smart about how every moment of track time is spent makes a big difference in how far you can get in this sport.

The eBook starts with some basic theory about the brain, which will help you to understand the rationale behind some of the tools used, and how to get the most out of them. It then goes through each tool, the aspects of racing they can apply to, as well as some practical tips and techniques along the way.

A smart racer will have all of the mental techniques and tools at their disposal, and know when to pull one out, and how best to use it. They will also know when to put it away. This guide is designed to give you just that, and to get you thinking about how you approach your racing, as well as how to get the most out of yourself on the track.

Purchase online by visiting
For more information email [email protected]

“From about 2005 Sally Steadman saw me developing my race craft and approached me to advance my skill in motorcycle racing by giving me some of the tools in this eBook. I have used them throughout my career, and many times over they made me aware of their value to my performance in racing.”
– Hayden Fitzgerald

All current MNZ members are entitled to a 2-8% discount on WOF, COF and other selected services at VTNZ nationwide.

This discount is calculated on yearly spend basis – so the more we collectively spend, they better discount we will receive.

So if you need a WOF for your car or trailer – head on in to your local VTNZ, show your MNZ membership card and take advantage of this discounted rate.

To find your closest VTNZ click HERE.