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All MNZ licence holders are required to have thorough understanding of the Manual of Motorcycle Sport. New members need to pass an open-book test, including recognition of all flag signals, when applying for their first licence.

The rules are binding on all competition participants and every member is expected to know them. Supplementary regulations are issued by a competition organiser to provide details specific to a particular event. They may expand on any rule, but may not go outside them.

Some of the key safety rules are summarised below. It is essential that all riders are aware of and abide by them to ensure events are conducted as safely as reasonably practicable.

Riding backwards
You may never ride or push your motorcycle in the opposite direction to the race/track, this is unsafe and will incur a penalty.

Outside assistance
A competitor may not receive any outside assistance during the race (except pit stops). Mini or Junior Motocross riders can have their bikes lifted and restarted but no pushing is permitted to assist the rider.

If your machine stops
A competitor whose machine has stopped on the course should not jeopardise the chances or safety of others by staying on course to make adjustments repairs or restart their machine. They must move as far away from the track/circuit as is safely possible.

Stopping a race
If, in the opinion of the Steward or the Clerk of the Course (CoC), it would be dangerous for a race to continue, the race may be stopped.

Leaving or cutting the course
The Steward or CoC can exclude any competitor who has gained an advantage by leaving the track, unless such action was for the safety of other competitors or was due to the action of another competitor.

Foul or dangerous riding
The Steward or CoC of the meeting will exclude any competitor who in their opinion is guilty of any foul, unfair or dangerous conduct. The Steward may also declare the race void if, in their opinion, an offending rider jeopardised the fair chances of one or more of the other riders.

Punctuality in starting
All meetings must commence at the published time (however, there may be changes in extreme circumstances). Any competitor not ready to start on time may be considered a non-starter.

Practice for a competition
Only competitors entering an event and/or nominated reserve shall participate in any practice for the particular competition for which they have entered.

Start and finish line
The crossing of the starting and finishing line in speed events is when any part of the machine passes over the line. The actual time of the start and finish of the race shall be taken when the order to start is given or when the starting line is crossed, according to the method of start, and when the finishing line is crossed. A sidecar shall be considered to have finished a race provided both the rider and the passenger are in the machine at the finish of the event.

Drugs and alcohol
Drugs, alcohol and sport do not mix. MNZ has adopted Drug Free Sport NZ’s Anti-Doping Policy, and adheres to the WADA definition of doping and listing of banned substances. View the full WADA Prohibited List here. Random drug testing will be carried out at MNZ endorsed events and competitions and severe penalties apply for breaches of the policy.

Impounding a motorcycle
The Steward of a meeting may order any motorcycle, which they have reason to believe may not be in accordance with the MoMS or Supplementary Regulations, to be impounded at the end of the meeting. The motorcycle may be retained until it has been examined.

Bike numbers
There are specific requirements concerning racing numbers, number plates, types of numbers etc. These are strictly enforced for championship-level riders. Before you select a number or make a number plate for your bike, check with MNZ as to the allocation of numbers and number plate requirements. Rules relating to number plates are listed in Chapter 10 of the MoMS.

Injuries at events
If you suffer an injury that requires further medical attention (ie. you are referred for further medical attention), the Steward will keep your MNZ licence and send it to the MNZ office. You will be placed on the Restricted Riders List and will not be able to compete until a medical clearance is sent to the office stating that you are fit to compete in motorcycle racing.

You will be automatically stood down from racing for 21 days if you suffer a concussion or suspected concussion and will not be able to compete until a medical clearance is sent to the office stating that you are fit to compete in motorcycle racing.

Track signals
Track signals are given to competitors by means of lights or flags and are used in practice as well as during a race. Understanding the different flag signals is critical to competing legally and safely.