Your First MNZ Licence

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You must be a member of an MNZ-affiliated Club to hold an MNZ licence.


How do I get a licence to compete?

Once you have joined a club, you can apply for your competition licence via the MNZ App or by the NEW Licence Application Form.

You’ll need to pass the theory test to prove you have read and understand the rules contained in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport. The open-book test covers a variety of safety, track and rider responsibility areas. You may answer no more than two questions incorrectly to pass the test. The beginner’s guide to Getting Started in Motorcycle Sport is a handy reference for the basics.

What type of licence do I need?

Those new to racing usually start with a Club Licence while gaining experience. Alternatively some clubs offer One Event Licences which can be purchased on the day. A One Event Licence (OEL) is a great way to give motorcycle racing a try if you’re not sure you’ll enjoy it. If you have used OELs on two occasions and decide to apply for your first time Licence, a $30 discount is available when providing these copies with your licence application.

What happens on the day?

You must take your licence and logbook, which is issued with your licence, to any event you plan to ride in, be it a practice session or competition race meeting. You will also be required to produce evidence that your club membership is up to date in order to participate in any MNZ-permitted event. Most riders keep their Club Membership cards inside the front cover of their log books.

Licences are collected at sign-on and retained by the Steward until racing has finished for the day. If you suffer an injury that requires further medical attention, your licence will be sent to the MNZ office until medical clearance is provided.

Remember to pick up your licence at the end of the day’s racing!