Road Race

There are many different categories of Road Racing, from Mini Supersport machines (for riders of just 7 years of age) up to sidecars and Superbikes!

There is also Post Classic & Classic Road Racing it is often said that old motorcycles were never designed to sit in the corner of a garage or shed gathering cobwebs and rust. If you have an old Road bike you’ll certainly find a class to suit riders of most ages and machines of almost year in Road Racing

Andrew Skelton is the MNZ Road Race Commissioner and can be contacted by email


New Zealand Superbike Championship

The New Zealand Superbike Championship is the pinnacle of road racing in New Zealand.

It has been the stepping stone to the international stage for NZ road racing talent since its inception. The championship has been developed not only to showcase the premier Superbike class, but also to boost a number of tiered development classes that offer the perfect feeder programme for young talent.

2022 NZSBK Championship Dates:

  • NZSBK Round One – 8th & 9th January, Ruapuna, Christchurch
  • NZSBK Round Two – 15th & 16th January, Teretonga, Invercargill
  • NZSBK Round Three – 5th & 6th March MotoFest at Hampton Downs
  • NZSBK Round Four – 12th & 13th March, Taupo