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Applying for Grant Funding

Clubs are the first point of call for riders who need financial support. While the club itself is unlikely to have grant funding available, it has the ability to help riders with fundraising activities and funding applications. After these avenues are exhausted, the club can make an application to MNZ on behalf of the rider.

The MNZ Board sets aside a pool of funding from the annual budget for rider grants each year. Grants are allocated four times a year and applications must be complete and received by the 20th of these months – February, May, August and October – to be considered at the following meeting of the Board.

To apply for funding, please complete the Rider Grant Application Form. Ideally the club (or nominated representative) and the rider will complete the application together. Please note riders can not apply for funding without the support of their club.


The Board’s decision on funding applications will be addressed to the club applying for the funding and the rider will also be notified. If the application is successful, the grant will be paid to the club, which in turn will pay it to the rider.

Retrospective Applications:

Historical events (ie any which have already happened) are not eligible for MNZ grant funding. Clubs and riders need to submit applications allowing enough lead-time for it to be processed, considered and a final decision made.

2021 Rider Grants

Hamish MacDonald – Christchurch Offroad Motorcycle Club
$2,500 to enter the World Enduro Championship 

2020 Rider Grants

Damon Rees – The Circuit Club Inc
$1,750 to enter the British Superbike Championship

Hamish MacDonald – Christchurch Offroad Motorcycle Club
$2,500 to enter the World Enduro Championship

Courtney Duncan – Mosgiel District Motorcycle Club
$2,500 to enter the Womens World MX Championship

Cormac Buchanan – Southland Motorcycle Club
$1,500 to enter the British Talent Cup