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So you’re keen to follow in the footsteps of Courtney Duncan, Simon Crafar or another kiwi motorcycling great? Or perhaps just looking to enjoy your bike without having to keep one eye on the speedo? Here’s how to get started.

How do I get started?

The first thing to do is join an MNZ-affiliated club. Most clubs accommodate a range of activities, although some specialise in one particular discipline (eg road racing or motocross).

Contact the club closest to you or head along to a club day to see what they’re about. If your local club doesn’t offer the type of riding you’re looking for, they can help you find one that does.

Then you’re ready to apply for your MNZ competition licence.

What sort of racing can I do?

Motorcycle sport offers something for everyone: motocross, road racing, beach racing, cross country, supercross, enduro, classics, sidecars, ATV (quad), trial and more.

Tiny kiwis can start riding as a mini in motocross, ATV and trial from age four. Most off-road disciplines offer junior competition and training for 8-17 year olds. Non-competitive road racing starts from age 7 with competitive racing starting at age 14 (dispensations may be granted for riders aged 13). You’re never too old though – plenty of people start racing bikes in their 30s and 40s.

Your local club will help guide you and the friends you make in the motorcycling community will likely influence the type of racing you decide to follow.

What type of gear do I need?

Like all sports, there’s a start-up cost. You’ll need a suitable motorcycle and the appropriate safety gear including:

  • helmet
  • gloves
  • boots
  • goggles (off road only)
  • chest and back protective armour
  • racing outfit as required 

Check Chapter 8 of the Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MoMS) Road or Off Road for the specific requirements for each discipline.

MNZ strongly recommends that riders obtain the best clothing and safety equipment available.

It is crucial that your helmet fits you correctly and is in good condition. If your helmet has been in an accident, ask a machine examiner or steward to look it over before you begin racing. You will not be allowed to compete if your helmet is not safe. It must also carry the approved MNZ standards found in the MoMS.

How do I enter competitions?

Club Days don’t require advance entries, just show up with your MNZ licence or purchase a One Event Licence on the day. Larger events and championships have entry forms available prior to the event which will stipulate the requirements of competing in the specific event, including licence requirements. If an event has an entry form, you will be required to register and pay the entry fee before the closing date. 

Entries must be received by the stipulated time. Late entries may not be accepted or a penalty may apply.

Your club will have an event calendar and will share details of upcoming events at club meetings.

All MNZ-permitted events are listed in the MNZ Events Calendar.