In this discipline of motorcycling sport, the emphasis is not on speed, but on fine balance, bravery and throttle control, with the aim to conquer the extreme terrain without touching feet on the ground or falling off. Points are lost for these “faults” and the rider with the lowest score wins.

Jules Huguenin is the Commissioner and can be contacted by email


The photos in this page were kindly provided by Peter & Lynette Barnett – you can see more of their work HERE

New Zealand Trial Championship

The 2021 New Zealand Trial Championship will be held in the Waikato region over Labour weekend.

2021 NZ Trial Championship: 23rd, 24th  & 25th October 2021

Host Club: Hamilton Motorcycle Club

North Island Trial Championship

Rounds 1 & 2                27th & 28th March                Tauranga
Rounds 3 & 4                8th & 9th May                        Taranaki
Rounds 5 & 6                3rd & 4th July                         Hawkes Bay
Rounds 7 & 8                7th & 8th August                   Wellington
Rounds 9 & 10              25th & 26th September       Whangarei

South Island Trial Championship

Rounds 1 & 2               17th & 18th April                         Alexandra
Rounds 3 & 4               28th & 29th August                Christchurch