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MNZ handles the processing of international licences for NZ riders for any FIM-sanctioned events held in New Zealand or internationally. 

Any event included on the FIM International Calendar has an International Meeting Number (IMN) and requires a valid FIM International Licence. For events without an IMN, riders need to obtain their own insurance and compete using a Start Permission and MNZ Championship Licence. 

An FIM Licence or Start Permission must be presented at the event’s sign-on and may be requested in advance by the event organiser or the country’s motorcycling governing body. In this case, MNZ sends a copy of the documentation to the relevant governing body prior to the race meeting.

For more information on FIM Licences and Start Permissions, please see FAQs below. Please contact contact Jannine Curnow in the MNZ office if you need help – email [email protected] or phone 07 828 7852 ext 3.

Anti-Doping Requirement

From 1 January 2022, every competitor wishing to apply for an FIM Licence must complete the On-Line Anti-Doping Education Program (International-Level Athlete Education Program).

This will require prospective licence holders to:

  • Complete the International-Level Athlete Education Program and obtain a certificate of completion
  • Provide the certificate of completion to MNZ along with their FIM Licence application

The International-Level Athlete Education Program can be accessed at



The FIM Riders’ Insurance Scheme came into effect 1 January 2019, which means that FIM Licences automatically include world-class insurance cover. However, FIM Licences may only be used at events which have an IMN and are on the FIM calendar. Riders competing at any other events must organise their own personal accident insurance.
FIM Riders Insurance information 2022

MNZ’s insurance broker, Aon New Zealand, can provide comprehensive cover which meets FIM minimum standards:

Contact Kent Hinton – [email protected] or phone 027 221 1321 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need an FIM Licence?
You need an FIM Licence whenever you are competing outside New Zealand in a motorcycling event that is on the FIM International Calendar and has an International Meeting Number (IMN).

You do not need an FIM Licence if the event is in another country and does not have an IMN.

Do I need to hold a current MNZ licence as well?

Yes, you need to hold a current MNZ Championship Licence to be eligible to apply for an FIM Licence.

What information do I need for my FIM Licence application?

You will need to complete the FIM Licence Application form, including details of the event/s you intend to compete in:

  1. Name of the event
  2. Country the event is to be held in
  3. Dates of the event
  4. International Meeting Number
  5. Medical clearance (more information below)
What is an IMN and how do I find it?

The International Meeting Number (IMN) is confirmation that the event has been registered with the FIM and is eligible to have FIM licences issued for it.

Events have to meet high standards in order to be registered on the FIM Event Calendar.

It is the responsibility of the event organiser to apply for an IMN. The organiser should be able to tell you if the event has an IMN and what the number is. Sometimes you may find it on the entry form or Supplementary Regulations.

How do I know what type of FIM Licence to apply for?
Ask the event organiser or check the entry form or Supplementary Regulations. If the event organiser can’t tell you, contact the MNZ office for help – email [email protected] or call 07 828 7852.
Do I need to complete a medical?
Yes. You need to submit medical clearance from your GP with your FIM Licence application. Clearance is valid for the calendar year in which you apply for the licence. If you are over 50 years old, you will be required to pass an exercise tolerance electrocardiogram, which is valid for three years.
What insurance do I need?
From 1 January 2019, the FIM Riders’ Insurance Scheme came into effect which means that FIM Licences automatically include insurance cover. You do not need to organise your own personal accident insurance as you may have done in the past.

You will, however, need to organise your own insurance if the overseas event you plan to compete is is not on the FIM Calendar and does not have an IMN.

What if the event I am competing in does not have an IMN?
In this case you will be required to race using your MNZ Championship Licence accompanied by a Start Permission issued by MNZ, instead of an FIM Licence.
What is a Start Permission?

A Start Permission is a certificate of assurance, from your governing body (MNZ) to the governing body for motorcycle sport in the country in which your event is to be held, confirming that you have the appropriate competition licence and personally-organised insurance to the level required by the FIM.

How long does it take to get a Start Permission anyhow much does it cost?

There is no cost to have a Start Permission issued.

You need to request the Start Permission at least 14 days prior to the event if you have insurance organised. The Start Permission will take longer to complete if your insurance is not in place so please request it earlier.

How do I apply for Start Permission?
To apply for a Start Permission you need to contact the MNZ office with the following information;

  • Your name (as it appears on your MNZ licence)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your MNZ Licence number
  • The name of the event(s) you intend to compete in
  • Evidence or certificate of Insurance cover for the event(s) that you are competing in

A start permission can be issued for entire championships, so it is important that you provide all the information at the same time if you are planning to do an entire or selected rounds of a championship or series.

How do I obtain insurance without an FIM Licence?

Motorcycling New Zealand’s broker is Aon New Zealand. Contact Kent Hinton by email or phone 07 837 7108 to organise personal accident insurance.

The minimum FIM standards for insurance are noted below. In some instances the insurance provider may advise that you require top-ups to this insurance, depending on the country you intend to compete in, especially for repatriation cover.

  • EUR €70,000 Permanent Disability
  • EUR €15,000 Medical & Dental
  • EUR €35,000 Fatality
  • EUR €7,500 Repatriation
What is a Rider Release?
You can only be licensed to compete in one country at a time (eg, you cannot hold an MNZ Licence and a Motorcycling Australia Licence at the same time).

A Rider Release is a document clearing you of all obligations to MNZ so you can obtain a national competition licence in another country.

When you return to NZ, the other country will release you back to MNZ.

How do I obtain a Rider Release?

You can request a Rider Release by contacting the MNZ office – email [email protected] or call 07 828 7852.

Alternatively, you can have the governing body in the country you are going to notify us that you need a Rider Release.

You are required to surrender your MNZ Licence to the MNZ office where it will be held until you are released back to MNZ. You will also be placed on the Restricted Riders list.