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The Motorcycling New Zealand Women’s Commission (MNZWC) aims to promote the growth, increase in participation, and create more opportunities for women and girls in New Zealand to be involved in motorcycling.

New Zealand has a rich history of women’s involvement in motorcycling. We are now experiencing growing numbers of women involved in all the different disciplines, as riders, as officials, as coaches, as volunteers and as administrators. The goal of the Women’s Commission is to ensure equal representation and treatment for women in motorcycling across all these roles and disciplines. As a network within MNZ, we support and empower women and girls as competitors, administrators, and governors. We provide feedback to the MNZ Board and clubs for necessary changes and work on building women’s capacity in the sport.

Our strategic goals include:

– increasing participation opportunities

– promoting women’s leadership

– showcasing and marketing womens valuable contributions to motorcycling


Together, let’s create a vibrant and inclusive motorcycling community for women in New Zealand!

You can contact us at: [email protected]

Get Involved

Experience the excitement of motorcycling in New Zealand for yourself! Ride, race, volunteer, coach, organize, support, or simply spectate – there’s something for everyone.

Most clubs in New Zealand have women involved who are willing to offer mentorship to likeminded others. We can put you in touch with your local club if you need help doing so: [email protected]

Volunteer Officials
Volunteering is an incredible way to get your foot in the door and build experience or just to meet others while being involved in a fantastic sport. Every event requires many loyal and dedicated volunteers and officials. Volunteer and Official Roles can vary: ticket gate, track side waving flags, collecting motorcycles, administration, scrutineering motorcycles, race control, managing timing or even running the event! Volunteer for an event, you will not regret it and along the way you will make long friends while helping keep this wonderful sport alive.

Want to know more about becoming a Volunteer Official, you can find out more here:  https://mnz.co.nz/coaching-officials/officials/

Get Riding

There are plenty of welcoming initiatives where women can get on the tarmac or dirt for the first time. Research your local club to get started – the committee will be super happy to help and offer their thoughts and experiences.

Wanna go racing? Good on you! An exciting world is before you! Speak to your local bike club to get started in racing. https://mnz.co.nz/getting-started/how-to-get-involved/

Read more about each discipline here: https://mnz.co.nz/getting-started/disciplines/

Women’s Specific programmes

-MXladies / Nelson MX club run a womens only race event https://www.facebook.com/groups/mxladiesnz/

-NZMX – the New Zealand motocross championship hosts the Senior Women’s Motocross Championship.


Information Mailed Out

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 After two years as the inaugural Women’s Commissioner, Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) has announced the retirement of Sandra Perry and the installation of her replacement, Rebecca Murray. 

 “MNZ Life Member Sandra Perry has done a magnificent job building a strategy and team of people to increase the number of women competing, officiating and leading our sport, and her retirement is bitter sweet for us as an organisation,” says President Mac McLeod.

 “With Sandra’s retirement, we have appointed Rebecca Murray as the Women’s Commissioner and I have to say, the Commission continues to be in good hands,’ says McLeod.

 “I am excited to be appointed to the Commissioner’s role and my vision is that women and girl riders, volunteers and officials (including pit crews, family and support networks) feel empowered to achieve their goals,” says new MNZ Women’s Commissioner Rebecca Murray.

 “The last two years of the Commission has been a great time to build and implement our strategy to increase women in our sport at all levels and I am looking forward to continuing this work.

 “It is important that women and girls are supported with tools and resources to achieve their goals and at the same time increasing our profile so that more people hear about women in motorcycling.

 “Liaising with other commissioners to help evolve women in motorcycling is a no-brainer for me and I can’t wait to have these conversations with my colleagues.

 “Empowering women and girls in motorcycling can be as simple as getting them along to an event – even just attending events can start new pathways in life, and that is where I am at” says Murray.



The Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) Women’s Commission congratulates Dame Lisa Carrington on winning the Sportswoman of the Year award at last night’s Halberg Awards. 

“The increasing number of women involved in sport and being recognised for their achievements and hard work on the world stage is fantastic, and Dame Lisa Carrington is certainly one most deserving,’ says MNZ Women’s Commissioner Sandra Perry. 

“We also want to congratulate four-time women’s motocross champion, Courtney Duncan, on being a finalist in the High Performance New Zealand Sportswoman of the Year category at the Halberg Awards. 

“Courtney has won four world championships in one of the toughest sports and we are so proud of her. 

“For such a small country, our sportspeople often do well globally due to their determination and hard work whilst often underfunded – Courtney is no exception. 

“As a commission focussed on increasing women in our sport at all levels, we look forward to the day when women in motorsports, and in particular motorcycling, are awarded at the highest levels. 

“Motocross is recognised as one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, New Zealand has a four-time world winner in Courtney Duncan, and we can’t wait to see her win the recognition in New Zealand’s sporting world. 

“Your time will come Courtney – keep up the good work,” said Mrs Perry. 

Commissioner – Sandra Perry

As a life member of Motorcycling New Zealand, Sandra has been involved in the sport her entire life in nearly all capacities. Sandra was formerly president of MNZ, CEO and is now on the FIM Oceania commission. Sandra is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all forms of motorcycling. She brings great strategic direction and oversees all activities from the commission.

Women’s Commission Members

Avalon Biddle

Avalon started racing mini motocross at age 6 and has been road racing since age 13. In over 20 years racing, she has won two New Zealand championships (Superlite and Supersport 600) cementing herself as a top road racer amongst the men in New Zealand, along with winning two European Womens championship titles. Having competed overseas for more than six years and working in marketing/communications, Avalon brings wide experience to the commission.

Women’s Commission Members

Sophie Mear

As a business owner, Sophie is heavily involved in the motorcycle industry during the work week. On the weekends, she also spends time riding dirt bikes with her children and friends, plus go kart racing with her son. Sophie is the off road representative for the North Island Motorcycling New Zealand Board and a highly valued member of the Women’s Commission.

Women’s Commission Members

Lindsey Heileson

Lindsey is father to three children who all race motocross and currently holds the NZ Motocross Commissioner position, putting his wealth of knowledge and new ideas to good use. Based out of Auckland, Lindsey and his family are passionate about juniors in the sport and have become staples in the dirt bike scene. He is always willing to lend a hand to those who need it.

Women’s Commission Members

Rebecca Murray

Rebecca loves all things motoring.   She brings to the Commission in-depth knowledge and experience from her involvement over the last 25 years with various aspects of motorcycling… Secretary of the Brass Monkey Rally, committee member of the Otago Motorcycle Club and from her role as Workshop Manager at Motorcycle Replacements. Rebecca is an MNZ Steward and Clerk of the Course (20+ years) and holds Level 4 Championship Steward and Level 3 Clerk of the Course (both since 2011).  Her day job as a Governance Support Officer provides additional insight when it comes to understanding and interpreting MNZ rules and regulations.  For Rebecca the mark of a job well done is when she sees officials and riders increase in knowledge, skills and abilities.

Women’s Commission Members

Sonia Cloke

Sonia has been involved in MX for a number of years, is a mother to two boys Thomas 16ys & Lucas 14yrs who have been racing since 5yrs old.  Sonia started scoring on the mini track, moving on to secretary and event organiser for the Taranaki Motorcycle Club 4yrs ago.  Sonia is a grade 4 Steward and grade 2 COC.  As well as assisting on the Women’s commission, Sonia is on the Officials and MX Commissions.  Sonia loves to get involved and lend a hand wherever possible and is passionate about making changes to improve the sport of motorcycling.

Women’s Commission Members

Angela McLeod

Profile to Come

Women’s Commission Members

Nick Lang

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Women’s Commission Members

Sarah Elliot

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