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There are many benefits to becoming an MNZ-affiliated club. Along with the credibility gained from membership of the national governing body for the sport, affiliated clubs enjoy these benefits:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Access to run permitted practice and competition events
  • Eligibility and support to apply for grants and other funding
  • Administrative and promotional support from the MNZ office
  • Club-nominated delegates receive voting privileges at MNZ Annual Meetings

MNZ affiliation also directly benefits club members:

    • Eligibility to purchase MNZ Licences allowing them to compete or participate in permitted events
    • Access to MNZ sanctioned national competition events
    • Access to coaching and officials’ training programmes facilitated by MNZ
    • Access to rider development and high performance pathway programmes
    • Eligibility to apply for MNZ rider grants

How To Apply for MNZ Affiliation

As per 4.3 of the MNZ Constitution:

Conditions Relating to Membership and Affiliated Clubs
To be accepted by the Governance Board as an affiliated club within the terms of the Constitution a club must:

  • Have 15 financial members at the time of application for affiliation
  • Be incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908
  • Agree that all members of the club shall be given information and a reasonable opportunity to be financial members of MNZ
  • Agree to pay the club levy and any applicable rider levies to MNZ to assist MNZ to undertake its objectives
  • The Board will consider and make a provisional decision on each application for affiliated club membership status
  • The Board’s provisional decision on a club’s application for membership will be either confirmed or rescinded at the next AGM

When considering a club’s application, the Board will take into account:

  • The objects of the applicant club
  • The effect of the applicant’s activities on competition and/or recreational motorcycling and on motorcycling generally
  • Whether the objects and activities of the applicant are consistent with the objects of MNZ (clause 3.0 in the MNZ Constitution)
  • The effect of the applicant’s activities on any existing member club
  • Any objections raised by any member club

Affiliated clubs are expected to operate in accordance with the Manual of Motorcycle Sport. Clubs considering MNZ membership are encouraged to review the official rules of the sport when making the decision to apply.

There is no application form. As such, MNZ recommends that after ensuring you meet all of the criteria, you send a brief outline of what your club has been doing and the reasons you wish to become affiliated to MNZ to [email protected].