Media Management for Championship Events

On the Friday before an event, the MNZ office will email to the Club Secretary and the Clerk of the Course an updated list of all accredited media representatives. The office will also supply all clubs hosting a championship event with the following documents, which need to be available on the day. A dedicated sign-in area for media makes it easy to manage administrative requirements.


On the day:
  1. Set up a dedicated sign-in area for media
  2. Crosscheck media signing in against the current Media Accreditation List
  3. Give all accredited media a copy of the Media & Photographers’ Briefing and a Photographer’s Safety Map (venue-specific), clearly showing any restricted areas
  4. Ensure all accredited media representatives read and sign the Consent & Indemnity Declaration. Return signed copies to the MNZ office post-event

Anyone signing in as media must have a valid MNZ Media Pass (card with photo on a lanyard) and be wearing a purple MNZ Media vest.

MNZ Media Accreditation List

Media & Photographers’ Briefing

Consent & Indemnity Declaration – Media