As a motorcycle racer, Glen Williams has seen plenty of chequered flags over the years … and here’s another one for him.

The Manawatu man has packed a lot into his life of motorcycling and now the 58-year-old says it’s time for him to move into a new phase of his life.

The multi-time former national road-race champion moved from being a winning racer on the track to the governor of the sport off it and achieved success and attracted respect in both these high-profile roles.

Williams retired from fulltime racing in 2013 and soon afterwards, in December 2014, he became president of Motorcycling New Zealand, the governing body for the sport in this country.

He quickly followed that by also becoming president of FIM Oceania, with that role being at the pinnacle of motorcycling activities in this part of the world and globally.

The Palmerston North businessman, who is the director of Redpath Pacific, a manufacturer of farm buildings, is a four-time former national Formula Three motorcycle champion and he has a enjoyed a long and rewarding career in motorcycle road-racing.

He stepped down from the MNZ president role in May 2019 – handing over the reins to current president and Otago man Noel May. This week Williams also now relinquishes his position as president of FIM Oceania, a role that had seen him sitting on the board of the sports global body (FIM) as a director and as a member of both their strategic and governance planning committees.

The FIM Oceania position is a four-year term. Williams’ term ends on November 30 and he is succeeded by Motorcycling Australia Chief Executive Officer Peter Doyle.

“It’s been challenging and fun,” said Williams.

“My four-year term is coming to an end, and I would like to say that I feel very lucky to have been able to work with so many good people at all levels. I leave the FIM Oceania board in very good hands with experienced and skilled individuals that include the MNZ President and the MA Chairman.

“Surrounding oneself with great people makes the job so much easier and more efficient. The FIM Oceania board has a vision to continue the work that has been achieved thus far for Motorcycle sport in Oceania.

“The FIM Oceania President elect, Mr Peter Doyle, is the current CEO Motorcycling Australia and will be a valuable asset to motorcycling in our region, FIM Oceania and the FIM.

“I would like to thank my fellow FIM Oceania board members and our member federations for the full support that they have provided to me during my term.

“It has been a humbling and rewarding period of my life. My thanks also go out to the members of the FIM board, the FIM President and FIM staff who have been invaluable in their positive and constructive attitude in assisting FIM Oceania and our member federations MNZ and MA in our region across a wide range of projects during my term. I will would also like to thank my wife Julie for supporting me and allowing me the time to commit to this work through the years in these roles.

MNZ president Noel May paid tribute to the work done by Williams.

“He has put in a massive effort over the past four years, establishing great relationships with Australia through his FIM Oceania role. He has also been a real conduit between the various Oceania federations and the FIM, helping to develop events that officials and riders can be truly proud of,” said May.

Williams says that he plans to focus on his business and will continue to assist and support motorcycling in any way he can.

PHOTO: Manawatu man Glen Williams, ready to move on to the next phase in his life. Photo supplied.

Credit: Words by Andy McGechan,