A dispensation has been applied to Supersport 150 (Appendix J) rule 5.c) to allow the use of 110 width front tyres, for the 2021 season only.


Reminder from The Technical Steward of the requirements for race numbers on all machines competing at any road race event:

The MNZ office has received a complaint from a member of the public stating that he could not read numbers on many race machines at round one of the Suzuki Series held in Taupo at the weekend. One machine was noted to have a ‘side’ number on the top tail section of the machine.

Once again this brings to my attention that the positioning and design of number boards is not complying with the rules.

It is not just ‘Joe Public’ who have difficulties reading race numbers;  the MNZ Steward, Clerk of Course and flag marshals all need to be able read race numbers when bikes are on track.

All officials and riders have a duty of care to ensure that machines comply with all chapters within the MoMS.  Entry forms also state that competitors have read and understood the rules of our sport.

Effective immediately: Race numbers on machines are to be as per Chapter 10, (10.2, 10.2a, 10.3, 10.3a and 10.3b).

Numbers and backgrounds must be in a non gloss finish.  Numbers should be bold and in a plain font.

As previously advised an exception has been allowed for side numbers to be on the lower side of a fairing and to be as large as possible (Legible as per 10.2a).

Officials will be checking to ensure that machines comply with MoMS.  Those that fail to comply will be required to rectify the situation.