• Support for Ben Townley’s inaugural Michelin SX4 has been unprecedented!
• Gates open 3pm on Saturday 9 January 2021 at Digger McKewen Park, Taupo
• Michelin SX4 combines 4 riders, 4 laps, 4 corners and 4 obstacles into 2 minutes of action-packed racing
• Final tickets on sale at sx4nz.eventbrite.com

“I want fans to love our sport, I want our industry to grow, but most importantly I want our sport to be mainstream. Michelin SX4 will give us the platform to achieve this!”

That is the callout from motocross superstar Ben Townley as he prepares for the inaugural event this weekend at Digger McKewen Motocross Park, Taupo. With tickets flying out the door, the Isuzu Taupo Bumper Party sold out, Mad Mike preparing for hot laps and the biggest motocross names in New Zealand pumped to bang bars, this weekend will be one to remember for moto fans around the country!

Inspired by Ben’s innovative knowledge of the sport, Michelin SX4 will dramatically change the world of motocross. Michelin SX4 combines 4 riders, 4 laps, 4 corners and 4 obstacles into 2 minutes of action-packed racing. The best of the best will compete under immense pressure and fans will witness more crashes and more high-octane action than in the traditional formats familiar to motocross fans.

‘Even before the bars start banging on Saturday we have already achieved a remarkable amount for our sport! We have 12 of the best kiwi riders lining up, the next generation experiencing their first taste of the new format, Mad Mike burning up the course, Mike Garvey from The Rock getting the crowd fist pumping and a heap of other activations that will raise the game for motocross fans domestically.’

Fans can expect to be wowed at the track on Saturday with a host of innovations including the Michelin Juniors introducing the riders, riders competing for the Motul Lube Ladder, a brand new NZ Natural Clothing Nitro Lane which could change the game, the Isuzu Taupo Bumper Party, Red Bull athlete Mad Mike rolling some hot laps in a Yamaha YXZ for punters, The Rock Buddy Bar competitions and a heap of track innovations.

Nick Rowland, Michelin SX4’s Fan Engagement Director said the support they have had from partners is huge. “Welcoming a couple of Ben’s partners to Michelin SX4 enabled us to build the event from the ground up. Michelin and Yamaha have been awesome and we’re super stoked to line up a heap of others as well. NZ Natural Clothing, Motul, SignOn, Red Bull, FLY Racing, FIST Handwear, Isuzu Taupo, The Rock and Hirepool have not only enabled us to build this event beyond our wildest expectations but they will also bring in a heap of fan activations to keep the crowd involved which is what Michelin SX4 is all about!”

If that wasn’t enough for the inaugural event the line up of riders is far beyond expectations for a domestic event. Nine-time NZ MX1 champion Cody Cooper leads the pack with up and comer Josiah Natzke talking a big game. JCR Yamaha Kayne Lamont may potentially take the ‘favourite tag’ after his Summercross performance and late comer Wyatt Chase from Chaseworks will be more then competitive with his pace off the starting blocks. We’re also looking forward to seeing the best from Curtis and Campbell King, MX2 rider James Scott, 3x Cross Country and 2x Enduro Champ Brad Groombridge, Roydon White, and first-time competitors Tyler Steiner, Seton Head and Tommy Watts.

The inaugural event will see NZ’s top riders compete over 15 races in a two-hour window on Saturday, 9 January 2021 at Digger McEwan Motorsport Park, Taupo. Individuals will compete for prize money and a Manufacturers Championship is also on the line – a NZ first in the sport of motocross.

For more information and to buy tickets head to www.sx4.co.nz.