The Australian Motocross History website today launched a documentary on the Life Story of Australian motorcycling legend Tim Gibbes.

Gibbes, who was born on 12 October 1933 at Longueville, near Sydney in New South Wales, but grew up in Waterfall Gully in Adelaide and later settled in New Zealand, was one of Australia’s earliest pioneers in international motorcycling, setting off to England on 29 October 1955, as a 22-year-old.

In 1957, Gibbes became the first Australian to win an International Six Day Trial Gold Medal in enduro racing (in those days called Reliability Trials).

Then in 1960, after switching to motocross to fund his international travels, he was the first Australian to win a European Motocross Grand Prix – in Czechoslovakia, also winning the Polish Grand Prix that year.

While in Europe, Tim was employed as a stunt rider on the famous American World War II movie “The Great Escape”, planning and performing stunts with Budd Ekins and Hollywood actor Steve McQueen.

Gibbes had the insight to travel with a portable metal typewriter and keep a comprehensive diary of his early travels.  His wife also took behind-the-scenes Super 8 footage during filming of The Great Escape, which is featured in the documentary.

Once discovering Gibbes’ incredible story, Australian Motorcycle History website author John Steyntjes decided to produce a video to preserve it in a modern medium.

“I don’t believe that the significant impact Gibbes’ had on the sport across the World is fully understood nor has he received the recognition he deserves in Australia”.

“It’s probably because he returned to New Zealand instead of his home and no one realized that he was actually an Australian!”

“But his influence was huge  – both on and off the circuit – at the time and still today in motocross and other forms of motorsport!”

When Gibbes and his wife Joan married and settled in Manawatu, he introduced international motocross to both New Zealand and Australia in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

He also spent significant time in Japan helping the Japanese motorcycle factories to design their first breakthrough lightweight two-stroke motocross machines and training local riders, receiving Gold Life Membership from the Motorcycle Federation of All Japan in 1985.

Then in 2016, Gibbes was inducted into the Motorcycle New Zealand Hall of Fame.

To read Tim’s story or see a trailer of the Tim Gibbes Motocross Story documentary, visit Australian Motocross Legend Gibbes

The webpage and video passwords are “Australian Gibbes” with a capital “A” and “G”.

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