Sad news, but to be expected.  After all the hard work setting up for the upcoming Rounds 1 and 2 of the eXtreme Off Road Championship events by the Kapi-Mana and Thames Valley Clubs, both events now need to be postponed with alternative dates TBC. Currently the clubs are unable to access the forests to set up the courses due to the Covid 19 lock down restrictions.

We are working on alternative dates for the events however the calendar is very full for the remainder of 2021, which may result in the events being cancelled.

Presently Round 3 – The Nut Buster (12-13 November) and Round 4 – The Over The Top Hard Enduro (27-28 November) are still going ahead as planned.

I would like to thank all of the Clubs helpers for the massive effort and donated time they put into setting up these events.  It is very disappointing for everyone involved when, due to circumstances beyond our control and after all this work the events get cancelled.

Justin Stevenson

Enduro Commissioner