There have been a lot of concerns, from a number of stakeholders around the future for the 2022 NZSBK National Series Pro Twins class. These concerns have manifested, due to the new models currently available that either comply or with removal of items, as clarified by the rules comply.

There has been a huge amount of work behind the scenes to work on an effective solution for all stakeholders that generates a ‘win- win’ solution for the forth coming season.

In the spirit of trying to go forward in a structured controlled evolving process the following has been agreed.

The Pro Twins class for the forth coming season will form two separate classes defined by year of manufacture and will race for two championships both equally recognized by MNZ in this forth coming season. Both classes will line up on one grid

The demarcation will be: –

1. Pre 2020 Manufacture- for example Suzuki SV 650

  1. Post 2020 Manufacture – for example Aprilia 660 Tuono


The current rules in place will apply to both classes.

The forth coming season will be an evaluation season, this will help define the class for the next few years and give a road map for the development of the class and rules that will obviously be created during this period.

We as MNZ trust that the above supports all stakeholders and for the forth coming year, allows all who wish to race, a competitive avenue to enjoy the class.



Andy Skelton