CAPTION: Taupiri’s Billee Fuller, won the GIXXER 150 class title in the pandemic-shortened 2021 road-racing season and is motivating other young women to join the sport. Photo by Andy McGechan, BikesportNZ.com

Motorcycling New Zealand’s (MNZ) Women’s Commission is excited to see young women such as Taupiri’s Billee Fuller racing motorbikes and motivating others to do the same.

“Billee Fuller is from a motorcycling family, has just turned 18, an accomplished motocross rider who has turned to road racing in the last two years and making a real name for herself – it’s great,” said MNZ Women’s Commissioner Sandra Perry.

“Billie has an untapped talent which is now being recognised and alongside her humble personality she is not afraid to use her natural ability to get on her bike and ride hard and fast,” said Perry.

Billie Fuller started road racing in 2019, rode her first full season in 2020 and won the GIXXER 150 class title in the pandemic-shortened 2021 season.

“I have done two seasons of road-racing now and even though I wasn’t very good in my first season, my second season was really good – I had more confidence, especially when I started believing that my tyres were going to stick to the track and not slide out from under me,” said Fuller.

“Champion Kiwi international Avalon Biddle is an inspiration and I hope I can be as good as her one day.

“Avalon and I talk often and she has given me some amazing tips such as how to deal with moving my body around the bike.

“I would advise other young women to give this a go as it is so much fun and everyone involved in road-racing is so lovely and very supportive and encouraging,” said Fuller.

“It is so good seeing the numbers of young women in the sport growing, with ten riders in one series alone – Billee will be one to watch given that she wants to beat her brother Zak, be among the top five in the 300cc class and to eventually get on a 600cc bike and win,” said Perry.

Credit: Words and photo by Andy McGechan, www.BikesportNZ.com