Sad news for Kiwi dirt bike racers – the annual New Zealand Motocross Championships will now not go ahead as planned in 2022 as the Covid-19 pandemic takes another scalp.

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing all sorts of problems worldwide, all of which has forced the New Zealand government to impose restrictions in a bid to lessen the virus’ impact here, many events, motorcycle racing events obviously included, have had to be cancelled.

Following the recent announcements that the New Zealand Motocross Grand Prix at Woodville and other major motocross events too – all of which extraordinarily-popular as pre-nationals build-up events – had been cancelled, Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) has this week announced that the 2022 New Zealand Motocross Championships would also now not go ahead.

Upon discussion with the General Manager/Interim Motocross Commissioner, hosting clubs and a number of service and hospitality providers, the decision was made by MNZ on Monday night (January 24) to cancel the 2022 New Zealand Motocross Series.

MNZ said its representatives held lengthy conversations with many parties involved in this series and, while considerable difficulties were being experienced and spoken of by all parties leading up to the proposed event dates, the latest national shift to the Red Zone Traffic Light System and the extra regulations that come with this, have now made many areas of delivery for these events untenable.

“These are unprecedented times we are all facing and trying to navigate our way through,” said MNZ General Manger Mike Kerrisk.

“Our focus has been on the impact that this (pandemic and the subsequent restrictions) has had on our sponsors and potential sponsors as they have been forced to review their current level of support.

“To have the necessary manpower on the ground to keep groups of people distanced and compliant is virtually impossible. The host clubs were also uncertain about how they could operate with certainty and, considering all those factors, the financial loss to our organisation would have been significant.

“The decision(s) we are making are unfortunate and we can assure the bike community we feel the disappointment as many of our members will also.

“MNZ wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge all parties that have been involved from planning/logistics, hosting, service providers, sponsors to riders and the support and understanding shown by so many of you is always appreciated.”

Credit: Words and photo by Andy McGechan,