In conjunction with the Hamilton Motorcycle Club and the Classic Motorcycle Register – MNZ can confirm that the proposed 2-Day Race Event, to be held at Hampton Downs on March 5-6 is now cancelled.

The Organising Committee were faced with many challenges in an attempt to plan, promote and deliver a level of racing and classes to the membership, these challenges, some obvious and some unforeseen have rendered the possibility of a 2-Day Event at Hampton untenable.

It is always a difficult decision to initially plan such events, having to then remove them from the calendar, as our clubs and personnel look for ways to give riders an opportunity to come together and enjoy a weekend of riding.

Taupo 12-13 March – The Hamilton MCC and the Classic Motorcycle Register are committed to the planning and delivery of a 2-Day Event at Taupo on the weekend of the 12-13 March. The Organising Group, which is supported by MNZ have been working hard on ensuring the planning and delivery of this weekend is on track.

It provides a great opportunity for riders around the country to spend a weekend in a great location, riding at a great venue.

Classes, regulations, entry forms are up now on the MX Timing Website – We encourage you all to go on-line and enter now. As mentioned in previous correspondence, this Event and the running of it, will be heavily reliant on numbers of confirmed entries. The volume of entries will play a major part in meeting the costs that accumulate to run such an Event at such a venue. MNZ will be supporting the Clubs in this area also.

There will be no ‘late entries’ accepted after the final cut-off date. Again, we emphasise that high participation is crucial to the success of the Event.

Enter Now – See You at Taupo!

MNZ wish to remind all interested riders that Auckland MCC will be running Round 2 of their Club Racing at Hampton Downs on Sunday 6th March. All Riders are welcomed and encouraged to attend.