This week MNZ reduced the competition relicensing fees for the next 12 months up until 30th June 2023.

This was done with the intention of supporting our membership through what has been tough economic times and a high cost of living period.

The Board and staff genuinely care about our membership and see this as a way of encouraging you stay involved in our sport.

Within 24 hours we have received correspondence of more than 30 aggressive, rude emails, and additional phone calls regarding this, with some members saying how angry they are that they had renewed up to a month ago and demanding their money back.

This aggression will not be tolerated towards our very hard working staff who are there for you.

You too will enjoy the benefit of this generous discount next time you renew your licence, as long as it is before 30.06.23.

It’s sad that some members have not taken the time to read this positive initiative before hitting their keyboards with such vigor.



Paul Pavletich – President MNZ