CHAPTER 10 – Addendum to Number and Background Colours
Many riders and teams are using vinyl for backgrounds and numbers. Pantone colours listed in Chapter 10 of the MoM’s are difficult  to obtain in matt vinyl therefore the following alternative colours can be substituted using only 3M Wrap Film Series 1080, Satin:

Black: Black S12
Blue: Perfect Blue S347
Green: Apple Green S196
Orange: Canyon Copper S344
Red: Smoldering Red S363
White: White S10
Yellow: Bitter Yellow S335

Gloss colours are strictly forbidden as per 10.2

A question had been raised in reference to 10b.c. re aftermarket rear sub-frames. The rear sub-frame is both a sub-frame and a bracket. The fitment of an aftermarket rear sub-frame is permitted but the replacements must be mounted on the frame at the original mounting points.

It came to my attention this past weekend, a machine was being fitted with a belly-pan (the machine concerned does not have a homologated full fairing) and the intention is to use it as a catch tank. Belly-pans may not be used as a catch tank as described in the MoMS and any overflow or vent pipework must exit into a separate tank as per the MoMS. The catch tank opening must not have the opening directed towards the track.
Where a machine has been homologated with a belly-pan it must meet with any rule listed in the MoMS and it must not be used as an overflow catch container.

The above is effective from 12 September 2022

Steve Maynard-Smith
Technical Steward