Information to note in relation to the Tri – Series and 1st & 2nd Rounds of the National Series Clarifications.

 As we work through the opportunity to amalgamate the Suzuki Tri – Series and the National Series, there are a couple of points that we just need the chance to clarify.


The Tri series run a different point scoring system for their championship, this has no bearing whatsoever on the standard system that is captured by points awarded and accumulated for the National Series.

We envisage several riders will cross enter were applicable and can score points in either or one or the other series. We have communicated at length with MX Timing and this has been captured already by the entry process.

 For example – Andy Skelton could enter on his superbike that is compliant with MOM’s superbike rules and score points in both series. Trust this makes sense, even if farfetched, if I entered!!!(Too old and Too Slow)


To ensure parity for MNZ National Series riders in the Tri-Series 2 rounds at Taupo and Manfeild, there will be no limit on tyres, so riders can compete on the same playing field around tyre allocation with Tri- Series riders in the classes. However, the following 4 rounds of the series WILL follow the MOM’s Championship protocols on tyre allocation and limits.


 Andy Skelton – Road Race Commissioner