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Scene set for a Grand Finale : 

It was again ideal racing weather for Round Two of the Suzuki – Auckland Motorcycle Club Series at Hampton Downs on 16 October, with just a slight breeze picking up in the afternoon, that would affect the smaller capacity machines most.

And it was a welcome return to a number of occasional AMCC competitors.
Avalon Biddle made a guest appearance on a Ninja 400 in the Carl Cox Motorsport Cup, and whilst not racing for Cup points, demonstrated her wealth of experience in a trio of victories; the last of which saw Billee Fuller take second placing – making the first Cup race where the top two positions were taken by female competitors.

Jake Lewis (YZF R6) and Dillon Telford (MV Augusta) took to the track in Supersport 600, to make life difficult for Rogan Chandler (GSX-R600) – with Telford going on to two wins.

Whilst in Formula Auckland, Mitch Rees (CBR 1000RR-R) did similar to Jaden Hassan (S1000RR) and Ray Clee (GSX-R1000). Rees ended the day with three close victories over Hassan – the margin just 0.045 seconds in Race One.

It was a busy day for the marshals, with 19 pick-ups throughout the day; the most serious of which came for Kendall Dunlop in the first Carl Cox Hyosung race. Losing the front end at turn four on lap one, Dunlop was exiting the circuit when she was skittled by Rory Barkla who – having nowhere to go – had dropped his Hyosung in an effort to avoid the situation.
On the mend now, Dunlop’s Hyosung Cup and Women’s Cup ambitions have taken a severe dent for this season.

With just a single round to come, on 20 November, the points chase in many classes looks likely to come down to the final race of the season.
Jaden Hassan has just two points on Ray Clee in Formula Auckland; whilst in Formula Auckland “B” Lars Bojsen-Moller (CBR 1000RR) has six points over Luke Temple (GSX-R1000).

Jarad Horn’s failure to score in Race One of Pro Twin 650 has left him just two points clear of Scott Findlay, whilst Vaughan Maine took the win in Race One, and is well in contention.
With Bruce Telford on the Aprilia 660 running at the front amongst the 650 Suzuki’s on the day as well.

Supersport 300 demands attention, as there is nothing between Cameron Leslie (KTM 390) and Hamish Simpson (Yamaha R3). An unfortunate Race One low-speed collision at turn four between the two, was a blot on a terrific battle – and just three points separate the pair after seven races.

Whilst over in sidecar Mark Halls and Geoff Davies continue to deliver the improbable, holding a ten point lead over the opposition on their F2 (600cc) rig. Despite the 400cc deficit to the F1 rigs, Halls/Davies regularly demonstrate the opportunity a well-sorted, reliable, and smartly-ridden sidecar presents.

Round Three – the grand final – is on 20 November – and to cap the 2022-2023 Suzuki – Auckland Motorcycle Club Series, one lucky eligible competitor will take home a brand new Suzuki GSX250F.

The draw will be made on the day, from competitors who have entered all three Rounds, and have taken to the circuit for Race One (at the minimum) at each Round.
It’s going to be a day to remember ….

2022-2023 Suzuki – Auckland Motorcycle Club Series Points:       (After ROUND TWO of Three)

Points – Senior: FORMULA AUCKLAND                                   (BRM Dyno Paeroa)

135         Jaden Hassan

133         Ray Clee
89           Ben Tippins

Points – Senior: FORMULA AUCKLAND B (1:09s)                  (BRM Dyno Paeroa)

155         Lars Bojsen-Moller
149         Luke Temple
113        Stephen Leggett

Points – Senior: SUPERSPORT 600                                              (BRM Dyno Paeroa)

165        Rogan Chandler
86           Marcus Read-Bloomfield

77           Aaron Hassan

Points – Intermediate: SUPERLITE                                             (Muc-Off)
156        Kerry Chapman

101         Alistair Wilton

84           Fabiano Paiva Santos

Points – Intermediate: PRO TWIN 650                                      (Muc-Off)

140         Jarad Horn

138         Scott Findlay

121         Vaughan Maine

Points – Junior: SUPERSPORT 300                                              (Mr Motorcycles)

115         Cameron Leslie

112         Hamish Simpson
90           Tyler King

Points – Junior: 250 PRO LITE                                                      (Mr Motorcycles)

140         Ben Cook
119         Esmond Williams
81           Jesse Stroud

Points – Gixxer 150

75           Henry Fisher
60           Debbie Tapper

Points – PRE 89 Senior

100         Ken Ferguson

Points – PRE 89 Intermediate

50           Hadleigh Thomson

Points – SIDECARS                                                                           (Motomail)

141         Mark Halls/Geoff Davies

131         Peter Goodwin/Louise Blythe

82           Des James/Andrew Shields


170         Calvin Busby
103        Mark Temple

85           Lewis Heels


150        Daniel Price


175         Tony Knox


Points – NINJA CUP:                                                                        (Carl Cox Motorsport)

451         Alex Butson
441         Billee Fuller

429         Justin Reid


Points – HYOSUNG CUP:                                                                               (Carl Cox Motorsport)

434         Ben Cook

365         Jacob Stroud
332         Oliver Pykett


Points – WOMENS CUP:                                                                (Carl Cox Motorsport)

66           Megan Kemp

57           Tamsyn Hickey

49           Catherine Wood

The 2022-2023 Suzuki – Auckland Motorcycle Club Series is organised and promoted by the Auckland Motorcycle Club – who acknowledge all our valuable partners and sponsors:-

Suzuki NZ, BRM Dyno Paeroa, Carl Cox Motorsport, CTAS, Metzler, Motomail,
Motul, MR Motorcycles, MTF Finance, Muc-Off, and MX Timing

Calendar – 2022-2023 Suzuki – Auckland Motorcycle Club Series:

All Rounds on the Hampton Downs National Circuit

Rd 1       18th September, 2022
Rd 2       16th October, 2022

Rd 3       20th November, 2022

Image – Credit: Philip Kavermann

Mitch Rees (Honda CBR 1000RR-R) – (41) Jaden Hassan (BMW S1000RR)