“Due to an omission, the following is ONLY applicable to ROADRACING:

There is some confusion on fonts for numbers as described in MoMS. If you have already done so and used the fonts described in Chapter 10, please disregard this notice. Added are also font dimensions for the Kayo machines which when using 140mm high numerals, these are too large for the areas on the fairings. The following for number font is to take precedence and with immediate effect:

Current wording:

  • Be a plain bold font such as Verdana Bold or Century Gothic Bold. Serif fonts are not permitted.

New wording:

  • Font to be Verdana. Serif fonts are not permitted.

All other wording in Chapter 10 is to remain as printed.

Kayo machines:

  • Font to be Verdana.
  • A solid filled colour, no pin-striping or outlining is permitted. Numbers such as 4, 6, 8, 9 & 0 are to have no infill.


  • Be of a minimum height of 100mm.
  • Be of a minimum width of 50mm with a space of 20mm between each.
  • Stroke width 20mm.

All other wording in Chapter 10 is to remain as printed.”