The Motocross Commissioners Stu McCulloch and Sonia Cloke are thrilled to announce the following people as Commission Members:

David Latta         South Island Rep

Tim Guthrie        South Island Rep

Richard Furze    Veterans Rep

James Scott       Riders Rep

Shayne King      MX Advisor

Ray Broad         Track Safety and Guidelines

These representatives are hard working, passionate people, who look forward to bringing new ideas and improving the experience for everyone associated with Motocross as we look towards encouraging our grass roots riders through to our next world champions.

We welcome them on board the commission and value their time immensely.  They are willing to listen and hear your ideas, however, especially in James’ case please be mindful of the time and place.  In the middle of an event for those that are racing may not be that ideal.

As commissioners we chose to set up the commission to spread not only the workload but to ensure that all our members have access to the Motocross Commission at as many events as possible.

We do encourage you to provide any feedback directly to the commission via [email protected] and we will endeavour to answer these queries as quickly as possible.