As the landscape of motorcycling evolves with the introduction of electric motorcycles, it is imperative that we address their introduction into events with caution and consideration.  While electric motorcycles hold promise for a more sustainable and innovative future, their characteristics present challenges that must be carefully navigated.

One of the key reasons why electric motorcycles cannot be immediately incorporated into events (excluding Mini Motocross & Trials), is the absence of established rules and regulations.  Unlike traditional motorcycles, electric motorcycles operate on different principles requiring distinct safety protocols and guidelines.

Our rules allow for Mini Motocross and Trial events as the motorcycles are smaller and lower-speed.  Mini Motocross bikes are smaller with small batteries, resulting in lower general speeds, and their events typically take place in open areas with close supervision, further mitigating risks.  Similarly, Trials events involve low speeds, small batteries, and are always closely supervised with assistance readily available.

Without standardised rules in place, there are significant uncertainties regarding the safe operation of electric motorcycles in event settings.  Factors such as battery management, charging infrastructure, and performance capabilities need to be thoroughly evaluated to ensure the well-being of participants, officials, and spectators alike.

Rushing their inclusion without adequate preparation could potentially comprise safety and undermine the integrity of events.

Whilst we recognise the desire to showcase their capabilities in competitive settings, it is important that we proceed thoughtfully and responsibly.  Establishing clear rules and safety protocols will not only mitigate risks but also pave the way for the successful integration of electric motorcycles into events in the future.

Rest assured, we are actively working to develop comprehensive rules that will govern the use of electric motorcycles once these rules are in place and safety concerns have been adequately addressed, we will revisit the inclusion in events.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we prioritise the safety of all involved.

Motorcycling New Zealand Board