The latest update to the Mini Motocross Homologation list is now available!

This list ensures that all motorcycles used in mini motocross are age appropriate as well as meeting the requirements of homologation as per the rules outlined in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MoMS).

Important Information:

  • Updated Homologation List:
    The latest version of the Mini Motocross Homologation list has been finalised and can be viewed here


  • Reminder:

All motorcycles used in mini motocross events must be homologated.   Please ensure that your motorcycle complies with the rules and is on the homologated list of motorcycles to avoid any inconvenience at      upcoming events.


  • How to Homologate:
    The importer of the motorcycles must apply for homologation status by completing the relevant documentation and submitting it to the MNZ Office.  That documentation can be found on the MNZ website


  • NZ Mini Motocross Nationals: 

The NZ Mini Motocross Nationals are being held from the 5th to 6th October 2024, hosted by the Taranaki Motorcycle Club.   Entry Forms & Supplementary Regulations will be available very soon.