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The Lion Foundation doesn’t have set meeting dates for decisions on funding applications.

40% of the foundation’s funding goes to sport. The event must be held within six months of the application being submitted. Applications received less than eights weeks prior to the event are less likely to be successful.

NZ Community Trust accepts funding applications all year long.

A minimum of 80% of grants go towards amateur sport. Applications for funding of events, grounds maintenance, equipment, first aid kits etc are considered.

Pub Charity meetings at which funding applications are decided are always held in the first week of the month. Dates are published on the website

All applications for the promotion and support of all codes of amateur sport are considered.

Other funding organisations that accept applications for sports:

Local councils may also consider applications for grants and funding. Remember – funders are always happy to talk and help.

Funders all have their own accountability requirements, including public recognition of their support through marketing materials and other acknowledgements, and reporting on how any grant or funds were used. After the event, always ensure funders are publicly thanked.

Never miss completing your accountability.