Longevity is an easy word to just throw around. In the sport of motorcycling there are many who deserve acknowledgement to their longevity, along with their contributions. One such person has nearly fifty years of involvement in the sport and remains active to this day. Serving on the judicial committee and advising on rule changes.

Errol Conaghan first took up an official position within NZACU in 1975 as an assistant district Steward in the Manawatu.

Throughout Errol’s involvement in the sport, he has held several positions for the NZACU, many at the same time. Such as coordinator, competitor, a conference delegate, and steward. After several years as an assistant steward he became the district steward for the Manawatu in 1979, a position he would hold for over twelve years.

It would be through this period that Errol earned a reputation as a person where the rules were the rules. He could be often seen remonstrating with competitors and others when rules were being broken or misinterpreted.

Errol did not discriminate he treated everyone the same. Whether a club racer or an International competitor, he would deal with the situation the same way. His manner soon gained respect. You always knew where you stood.

He would steward local, national, and International events, including most of the Castrol 6 Hour Production races that were held at Manfeild between 1973 and 1988 and the World Superbike Championship races in 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1992.

In 1992 Errol became the Vice President of the NZACU, a position he would hold for two years. He was also a senior steward.

Another milestone was achieved in 1994. Errol became the first President of the newly formed Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. A position he would hold for ten years and become the longest serving MNZ President. He would oversee a massive change to the governing body’s constitution changing the governing body from an executive style to a member-based structure with a board and CEO.

Throughout the time as President, he would also become the delegate to the FIM for New Zealand. As it was the President of a governing body or federation who had the vote at the annual conference.

In 2005, Errol was awarded Life Membership to Motorcycling New Zealand. An award richly deserved for a lifetime of leadership and service. These days as a life member and just like he has done for over forty years Errol continues to attend the annual MNZ AGMs with his wife Heather.

Prepared for MNZ Hall of Fame by Ian Dawson 2021