Duty of Care

MNZ and its officials are responsible for the safety of everyone present at an event or race meeting. Training is provided to assist officials in ensuring that all reasonable and practicable steps are taken in the preparation and running of events. Part of this includes communicating that there is risk involved in motorcycle racing.

Riders’ Briefing, which all riders must attend, should follow this format:

  • Introduce key officials
  • Have the riders representative elected
  • Deliver the ‘Duty of Care’ statement
  • Explain the meaning of all flags
  • Provide a description of the start procedure
  • Always ask for questions


Duty Of Care Statement

“As organisers, we have made things as safe as reasonably practicable. You need to be aware that motorcycle racing can be dangerous. If for any reason you are uncomfortable with this risk or have any concerns, you need to raise them directly with one of the Senior Officials immediately after this briefing, or throughout the events duration. If they cannot alleviate your concerns you should not particpate in this event.”

The word ‘racing’ can be replaced with ‘event’ for non-race events.

Updated 14/6/16