One of the major benefits of MNZ affiliation for clubs and MNZ membership for riders is the public liability insurance the organisation holds to protect those involved in the sport. The insurance provides comprehensive liability cover designed to give clubs a level of comfort when conducting events and race meetings. It also provides the level of cover required for FIM for rider wishing to compete internationally.

An overview of the major policy benefits for both clubs and riders is outlined below and a guide covering the most commonly asked questions is available here: Motorcycling New Zealand, Affiliated Clubs & Members National Liability Insurance Program


MNZ Permit Holders’ Insurance

Public Liability $10,000,000

Indemnity for compensation in respect of unexpected and unintended third party personal, injury or property damage, for which are legally liable. Also includes Forest & Rural Fires and Punitive & Exemplary Damages in NZ – see below.

Statutory & Employers Liability $1,000,000

Indemnity for sums which we may become legally liable to pay as a fine or penalty under statute, including defence costs incurred.

Public Liability Certificate Extensions

Care Custody & Control – $250,000
This covers a club using equipment not owned by them or their members for an MNZ-permited event if the equipment is damaged during the course of the event. The cover for the damaged goods would be provided for under this extension.

Forest & Rural Fires – full policy limit $10,000,000
This extension provides cover for any costs and levies imposed on the insured if found legally liable for a fire causing damage to forests and rural areas resulting from the insured’s activities.

Punitive & Exemplary Damages – $1,000,000
These are usually determined by a court and are generally grossly negligent (bad faith, fraud, malice, oppression, outrageous, violent, wanton, wicked and reckless) acts caused by the insured which result in bodily injuries to third parties.  For example, during an event a rider recklessly overtakes another rider causing a crash which results in a bystander being injured by flying debris. If the court deems that the insured was grossly negligent then this extension will respond, however if the court decides otherwise, legal costs will still be paid by this extension.

Track maintenance & event preparation

The MNZ insurance policy covers affiliated clubs and MNZ officials for any track maintenance and set-up leading into an MNZ-permitted event.

Advance notification of the days that maintenance will be completed or events set up is not required, but the event permit must have been applied for and issued. Clubs are encourage to apply for permits as far in advance as possible to ensure they are covered.

Some forest owners require recce days to be listed on event permits before allowing access to forestry land. Recce days should be noted on permit applications where possible to avoid access issues.

If you have any queries about the MNZ Insurance policies, please contact the MNZ office on 07 828 7852 or email [email protected].

MNZ Licence Holders’ Insurance

This is a compulsory scheme. All administrators and current MNZ Competition Licence holders parcipating in MNZ permitted events are covered by this insurance.

The policy covers competitors for accidental death only; the maximum amount payable is $10,000.

Claim forms and details on the claims procedure are available from the MNZ Office – call 07 828 7852 or email [email protected].

International Insurance

The FIM Riders’ Insurance Scheme came into effect on 1 January 2019. FIM licences now automatically come with world-class insurance cover. Riders no longer need to organise their own personal accident insurance for an FIM licence. However, an FIM licence can now only be used for events that have an international meeting number (IMN) and are therefore on the FIM calendar.

Riders do, however, need to organise their own insurance if the overseas event is not on the FIM calendar and does not have an IMN.

MNZ’s broker is Aon New Zealand. Contact Jason Bodmin to organise personal accident insurance for racing overseas:

Jason Bodmin
[email protected]
ph: 07 837 7108
mob: 0272370490

Jason will ensure riders have the correct cover while competing overseas. Once cover is confirmed, MNZ will be informed and a Start Permission produced.

All riders who compete in sanctioned events must have insurance which meets the FIM minimum standards:

  • Permanent Disability – EURO 70,000
  • Medical & Dental – EURO 15,000
  • Fatality – EURO 35,000
  • Repatriation – EURO 7,500

In some instances the insurance provider may advise that a top-up is required to this insurance, depending on the country that the event is being held in.

Travel insurance is also advisable, Aon New Zealand can also help with this type of cover.

Riders are not obliged to insure with Aon and may choose to organise cover through their own insurance provider, however MNZ has partnered with Aon New Zealand to ensure the best possible value for members.