Covid-19 – Regulatory Requirements under Red Light traffic System

On Sunday 23rd January New Zealand were instructed to operate in the COVID-regulatory Red Zone

MNZ would like to assist Clubs who may be planning to run events of the following regulations that will need to be considered and managed to further ensure the safe and smooth operations on the day.

  1. Vaccine Certificate checking and scanning – Apps can be found and downloaded from sites such as Ministry of Health website, Sport NZ. All persons entering the event require a certificate and this must be scanned and/or checked upon entry.
  1. Groups of up to 100 persons allowable, each group to be distanced, no less than 2m apart with distancing between persons of no less that 1m wherever possible. Designated areas, fencing or similar should be applied between groups wherever possible. Interaction or ‘mixing’ of groups is forbidden.
  1. Dedicated Toilets and Hygiene Stations for each group is required. Food stations [if providing] must be provided for each separate group of 100 people.
  1. Race briefings and similar should be conducted by written or digital communications where possible, or briefing conducted to each group separately.
  1. The wearing of face-masks wherever practical and possible should be practiced.
  1. Medical Services – It is recommended under the current Red Zone regulations that 1 medical officer is provided to manage each individual group of 100 people.
  1. COVID Plan – Each hosting Club is required to submit an Event Plan to MNZ outlining how they will manage the event and the above considerations.


From the 17 January 2022 all workers and competitors will be required to meet the CVC requirements (double dose).  

In an event or gathering setting Under Red, what roles are classified under the “worker” mandate? 

  • Motorcycling New Zealand-appointed volunteer officials
  • All club-sourced officials including track or stage officials, recovery or response crews, timing crews, pit or service park personnel, etc
  • Contractors to the event/gathering (i.e., Fire Service, Medical Crew, Security / Gate Staff)
  • Venue staff

All others including competitors, crew members and spectators over the age of 12 years 3 months who are attending the event/gathering are required to meet the CVC requirements (double dose) prior to attending such events

The ability to do a Negative-COVID test or Rapid Antigen Test prior to attendance is not currently being considered as an option to allow entry or to compete under current Advisory Body [Government, Ministry of Health, Sport NZ] recommendations.

If any club, organiser or venue wishes to implement restrictions beyond the Government guidelines mandate, it is at the discretion of the individual group to do so, in consultation with MNZ.

We appreciate that this is a particularly polarising subject and we are working to guidelines and recommendations that are relayed to us by experts within their fields, we do not take any information or guidance from these authorities as personal or offensive, but only acting in the best interest of our public.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Kind Regards,

Mike Kerrisk – General Manager, Motorcycling New Zealand