Governance Board

The MNZ Board is responsible for governance of the organisation. Governance is the process by which the Board ensures the organisation complies with all legal and constitutional requirements, sets strategic direction and determines priorities for the long-term future and security of the organisation.

The Board also sets high-level policies and management performance expectations, characterises and oversees the management of risk, and monitors and evaluates organisation performance in order to exercise its accountability to the organisation and its owners (members). The Board does not control the sport directly, it provides oversight in accordance with the Governance Policy Manual.

All Board members provide their time on a voluntary basis and are elected for a two-year term. They are expected to possess these attributes:

  • committed to acting in good faith and in the best interests of MNZ at all times
  • be of good moral and ethical character, be trustworthy and possess a high level of personal integrity
  • ability to work as a team
  • ability and willingness to review matters as a team, and effectively debate issues without confrontation whilst also allowing others to lead when required
  • ability to think strategically
  • willingness to participate and question strategic goals whilst contributing to outcomes and thinking conceptually with ‘big picture’ vision
  • ability to prepare for meetings, to focus at the governance level of issues and to disagree without being disagreeable
  • ability to understand and relate to stakeholders
  • a basic understanding of financial processes
  • competent computer skills, including a sound understanding of and ability to use email, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets etc
  • willingness to make time available to serve effectively (usually five physical (one-day) meetings, one physical two-day meeting per year, six (or more) teleconference or video conference meetings, and the MNZ AGM each year)
  • must publicly declare at time of nomination any criminal record, bankruptcy record or any conflict of interest or other serious matter that might affect a working relationship with MNZ
  • will not have an outstanding debt or a current Code of Conduct matter with MNZ
  • some understanding of motorcycle sport, a professional skill set that would add real value to the board or previous governance experienceSee section 5.1 ‘Officers and their election’ in the MNZ Constitution for more detail.