Officials Policy

Serious or Fatal Accidents

While MNZ and its officials do everything possible to keep all those present at permitted events and race meetings safe, motorcycle sport can be dangerous and accidents happen. On rare occasions, officials may have to deal with a serious (status one) or fatal accident.

There is a formal Serious Incident Procedure in place to guide officials through the process (note access to this document is restricted to MNZ officials). It is designed to support everyone involved, to capture all relevant information and to ensure due process has been followed should a formal investigation and/or further proceedings ensue. It is critical that all reports and paperwork are completed and filed with MNZ.

Assistance and guidance at the time of the incident is available through the Officials 0800 number (0800 669 245).

MNZ can also organise counselling for any official or competitor who needs it at any point after a serious incident. There is no time limit – even if counselling is declined initially, it can still be organised weeks or months on. It can also be recommended by a third party for someone they consider needs support, even if that person has said they don’t. Don’t hesitate to contact MNZ if you believe someone needs help.

A Steward, Clerk of Course or any other official present at a serious or fatal accident may be temporarily stood down from officiating at MNZ events. This is for peace of mind, to ensure that officials have time to collate all documentation without having to think about the next event and to ensure counselling services can be organised as required. The process is undertaken in the best interest of officials and competitors.