MNZ Code of Conduct


Minimum standards of behaviour are necessary so that members and their families, friends and supporters may enjoy the activities that MNZ and its member clubs provide. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to set out the minimum standards expected of members and of those whom they bring to events and other activities.

This Code of Conduct is not an exhaustive code and the Board may amend it from time to time as new situations arise. Penalties for breaching this Code include warnings, fines, loss of competition points, suspensions, termination of membership and/or such other penalties as the Board may from time to time determine appropriate.

Code of Conduct complaints are intended for actions that occur outside of ‘the field of play’ (TFOP).  Any incident occurring inside of TFOP i.e. on track shall be handled by the Stewards, as provided for in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport.

Complaints under the Code of Conduct maybe filed with the Steward of the event at which the complaint originated, or if after the event, with the MNZ Office within five working days of the alleged offence.


Members Responsible for Guests

Members are responsible for the behaviour of non-members/guests that they bring to MNZ events or other activities. This includes family, friends, pit crew and other supporters. They must ensure that their guests comply with the minimum standards of behaviour set out in this Code.


Members Duties and Responsibilities

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and socially acceptable manner. Threats, abuse or physical violence will not be tolerated and provocation may not be accepted as an excuse.



The following are examples of offences which constitute misconduct and which may give rise to disciplinary action:

  • Threatening, abusing and/or assaulting any other member, competitor, MNZ or member club’s officers or officials (including stewards), MNZ staff members, other member’s guests, and/or spectators. 
  • Any obnoxious, anti-social or criminal behavior, including using obscene language or gestures. No member may make any discriminatory, derogatory, or abusive comment about any other member, competitor, MNZ or member club’s officers or officials (including stewards), MNZ staff members, other member’s guest, and/or spectator. 
  • Theft or unauthorized possession/use of another’s property. 
  • Willfully damaging any property, machinery or other equipment. 
  • Unauthorized use of a member club’s facilities, including riding on a member club’s track without permission. 
  • Failing or refusing to follow any direction given by a Steward or other MNZ or Club official. 
  • Racial, sexual or other improper harassment of any other member or person. 
  • Consuming any illicit drugs at any MNZ event or activity whether competing or not. 
  • Competing in, or controlling, any event while under the influence of alcohol or any judgment impairing drug. As regards alcohol, a person is considered ‘under the influence’ if their alcohol reading exceeds the youth alcohol limit permitted for driving on a public road. 
  • Interfering with safety equipment or otherwise acting in a manner that threatens safety, health, or hygiene at any MNZ event or activity. 
  • Failing to comply with any of the MNZ constitution or any rule set out in the MNZ Manual of Motorcycle Sport. 
  • Any act which is likely to diminish the good reputation of MNZ, its members (including any club), Officers, staff, or other officials.


Competitors Duties

Competitors shall abide by MNZ’s principle of “keeping motorcycling safe, fun and fair

This means:

  • Respect – for the opposition, the officials and rules of competition.
  • Staying cool – no matter what happens.
  • Dignity – in winning and losing.
  • Keeping motorcycling fun – it’s why we do it.